Founded in 2009, Baulab is a licensed architectural studio offering professional services with a focus on architecture, engineering, urban planning and design.

Dedication and proffesionalism is our moto.

Public  Squares

Public Square Zdanec

Public Square Mlecen

Public Square Delfina, Vlae

Public Square Karpos 3

Public Square Nerezi

Public Square Bardovci

Public Square Kozle

Public Square Butel

Public Square Mlecen

Public Square Taftalidze

Public Square Pedagoska


1st Place – Public Square Zdanec

1st Place – City Park Urban Equipment

1st Place – Swimming pool in Ohrid

2nd Place – Multistorey car lot Mito Hadzivasilev Jasmin

2nd Place – City Hall Skopje

2nd Place – Public enterprise Watersply and Sanitation


Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia

Swimming pool in Ohrid

Swimming pool in Skopje

Center for education Skopje

Kindergarten Majski Cvet

Kindergarten International Kids Academy

Kindergarten Orce Nikolov

Kindergarten Raspeana Mladost

Elementary school Dimo Hadzi Dimov

Elementary school Bratstvo

Elementary school Petar Pop Arsov

Elementary school Lazo Trpovksi

Elementary school Avram Pisevski

Elementary school Vera Ciriviri Trena

Elementary school  Hristijan Todorovski Karpos

Cultural center Fame

Cultural center Municipality of Karpos

Hospital enterior Sante Plus Kyiv

Hospital enterior Adis Abeba

Hotel Kala Nera

Hotel Queens Skopje

Administrative office VIP mobile operator

Discotheque Cabrio

Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje Exterior

12 Public Spaces and Squares

Over  130 private apartments and interiors

Our Design Philosophy

At its most basic, architecture can be considered as a way of organizing space to serve fundamental human needs while meeting practical demands, but at the most exalted, architecture is a work of art that introducing new perspectives and new dynamics, helps to bring a new revitalization to life. Keep that in mind, we always characterize our design by optimizing essential functions, promoting sustainable environments, strengthening the architectural context, advancing the commercial strategies, creating beautiful spaces that reflect and inspire the communities they serve.


We’ve come together from many different backgrounds, united by our passion for working critically—and with curiosity, integrity and camaraderie.

Our shared goal: to design elegant, effective and environmentally responsive solutions for an intentionally broad range of clients.

Igor Vasilevski

Igor Vasilevski

Principal Architect / Owner

Elena Vasilevska

Elena Vasilevska

Accounting / Owner

Ana Ivanovska

Ana Ivanovska


ana jovanovska

Ana Jovanovska



Buro 24/7 Croatia
July 2016

Gradnja Serbia
February 2016

Designed Serbia
June 2016

Architizer UK
June 2018

Archiportale Italy>
February 2016

Stylist Macedonia
January 2016

Marh Macedonia
January 2018

Marh Macedonia
September 2017

Marh Macedonia
December 2015