Design of interiors,
the art of organizing interior space.

Licensed architecture studio for architectural projects,design and engineering. BAULAB is fully integrated professional design services firm with a focus on architecture,engineering,urban planning and design.
Founded by Igor Vasilevski in 2009, BAULAB is renowned firm through domestic and international competitions where dynamic and enthusiastic architects posses strong commitment to design,excellence and are truly confident to conquer not only the domestic,but also the market of the European countries



In the beginning of the work process we validate the planned budget of the object and coordinate with it all elements of furniture and materials.


5-10% spent on the design project easily pay off due to the absence of errors, alterations.


We think through all the smallest details, applying modern technology and the best materials.

How do we work

Stages of creating a project
  • 1.The first meeting

    Discussion of the design project. Identify functional and aesthetic preferences.

  • 2. Technical task

    Measurements of the object, questioning, drafting and approval of the technical assignment. Development of a planning solution.

  • 3. The concept

    Functional solutions and style proposal of color scale, selection of furniture and finishing materials.

  • 4. CAD, techincal drawings

    Based on the approved technical specifications, we form a package of working documentation.

  • 5. Visualization

    Photorealistic 3D-visualization where you will see how the project looks like after the implementation of the design project.

Architecture Design & Consulting

Our architectural services cover a broad range of building types both in commercial and residential sectors including corporate offices, commercial, apartments, hospitals, public squares and spaces.

Interior Design & Implementation

Interior design is the art and science of shaping the experience of interior space and complementing the exterior to assure the satisfaction via aesthetical pleasure and effortless utility environment

Construction Management

We provide management service that considers all aspects of a project, including technical, financial, quality assurance, schedule, operational feasibility and management after the construction.

3D Architectural Still Images

We provide our customers with photo-realistic and high-quality 3D still images that can help to understand and visualize the proposed design.

Licenses & Certificates

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    Autodesk 3DS Max

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    Autodesk AutoCAD

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    Baulab License

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    License for Architecture

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    License for Supervision

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    License for Revision